Smart Platform For A Better Employee And Candidate Profiling

A web-based platform that helps HR Management recognize the behavior and potential of candidates and employees through digital footprints on social media.

About Bagidata

Bagidata is a people analytics platform that provides various data analysis solutions for HR Management. In this process, Bagidata gets a complete behavior analysis of potential candidates and employees in the scope of social media. Useful for complementing internal data, data-based decision making, and finalizing HR Management strategies for company digital innovation and transformation.

Our Solutions

Candidate Profiling

Identify the candidate’s credibility through an in-depth behavioral analysis on social media.

Employee Profiling

Collect data and evaluate employee behavior through social media.

Talent Development Analytic

Developing further digital skills for employees to be placed in the right job desk.

Why Choose Bagidata?

Digital Footprint Search

Information can be beyond CV resumes. We help carry out social media background checks for each individual managed by digital-based data collection.

Efficient and Easy to Use

The dashboard feature on the Bagidata platform brings together all the information of candidates and employees for a background check and screening phase to save time.

Make Objective Decisions

Data management of each individual in social media becomes more actual and factual to make better decisions in HR Management.

Meet The Executives!

Founded in 2018, Bagidata is committed to support HR Management in achieving success at every company through people analytics services.

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