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Get your candidates and existing employees screened through digital footprints on social media.

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Candidate Profiling

Identify potential candidates through an in-depth behavioral analysis on social media.

Employee Profiling

Collect data and evaluate employee behavior through social media.

Talent Development Analytics

Developing further digital skills for employees to be placed in the right job desk.


Having 5 feature centerpieces in every service as a method of evaluating candidates or employees in making data based decisions.

1.  Negativity Analytics

Detect negative sentiments in social media.

2. Interest Analytics

Find talent interests (hobbies, portfolios, organizations, etc.) on social media.

3. Engagement Rate Analytics

Analyze candidate and employee engagement through their social media accounts.

4. Job Role Mapper

Find potential digital workspaces through candidate and employee credibility skills.

5. Social Media Profile Scraper

A collection of employee digital skills displayed on social media.

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